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Mimos is a three piece band formed in south Philadelphia, PA. Addison, Charles, and Carlos all met in college but didn't begin playing music together until 2012. At the end of 2014 they self-recorded and released an eclectic nine-track album, Play.

Conjuring and channeling sublimity is the band's intention in composition and performances. The music weaves between entrancing patterns that build and crash explosively through a mix of styles; folk, blues, and rock. As such, the songs from the first album lyrically approach themes of connection, joy, sacrifice and loss.

Our Future

The band simply looks forward to developing their sound and playing shows. The members are all busy honing their abilities while writing and composing songs for the next album. As a recreational therapist Charles adds to his repertoire by learning songs that will engage his clients and aid their treatment.

Expect a different style of drumming from Addison as he embraces jazz music and seeks to add trumpet, saxophone and keys to performances. Bassist/vocalist Carlos has been taking vocal lessons and looks to explore more universal themes with lyrics.

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